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The most colorful pillow fight of all time, coming to your town

With “The Pillow Fight” we bring you one of the most colorful parties you have ever experienced. Awaiting you is not only the biggest pillow fight of your life, but also plenty of other highlights. And of course, before the party you can stock up in the Show Your Colors / Mach Dich Bunt shop with all the right accessories. You know about the Holi Festival. And perhaps you have even been to a Holi Party. We at Show Your Colors / Mach Dich Bunt can’t get enough of it. That’s why, with “The Pillow Fight”, we are starting a series of parties in which color, fun, and simply having a good time are also what it’s all about.

When was your last Pillow Fight?

It has probably been quite a long time since your last Pillow Fight. We intend to change that. With the Pillow Fight Festival, there is still a lot more to be experienced. We are putting together a package with DJs representing various musical styles, who will get things going with driving beats. There will also be art and “Walking Acts” to enjoy, such as Body Painting. And of course, you’ll also be treated to delicious food and cool drinks.

The Pillow Fight is coming to a town near you

For 2017 we have planned events in Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Munich. Events in other cities are also in the works. You want to make sure you are present for the colorful Pillow Fight in your area? Then go ahead and fill out the pre-registration. That way you can be sure that you will have a good chance to get some of the tickets while they last. We will inform you, as soon as there is news on the subject. You don’t want to wait that long, and are already planning a Pillow Fight Party? Then stop by the Show Your Colors / Mach Dich Bunt Shop, where you will find the original Pillow Fight pillows..

The Pillow Fight pillows for your party

Our motto is: Fight with confetti instead of weapons! That’s why our Pillow Fight pillows are filled with Kornfetti, our own Show Your Colors / Mach Dich Bunt confetti. The filling comes in six different colors, including Pink, Orange, and Green. You can also just decide for yourself: do you want all of the pillows in your favorite color, or do you want a mix of colors? If you want all of the colors, then our Pillow Fight Pillow Set is the right one for you. That way, you get all colors in one package and you can save money, too. With our Pillow Fight Pillows you’ll be ready for the next party, company event, or for your flash mob. The pillows come in both small and large sizes. They are filled with our own Biokonfetti, Kornfetti. It’s colorfast and still spreads color everywhere. That means that it’s perfect for indoor pillow fights.

Kornfetti: the Biokonfetti from Show Your Colors / Mach Dich Bunt

You need even more color for your party? Then you can order our Kornfetti individually. Get it in your favorite color, there are a total of eight available. Or just get the entire colorful selection in one package! The Kornfetti, too, is water-soluble. Our Kornfetti is manufactured sustainably in Germany, and is a 100% biodegradable product.

Holi Powder: Our Mikrokonfetti

If – in addition to your Pillow Fight – you also want to have a color fight, then we have just the right thing for you. There is even more color with our Holi Powder, the Mikrokonfetti. You can buy it from us in six different colors. And of course it is harmless, biodegradable, and water-soluble. It simply dissolves in the rain. However, it is not intended for indoor use.

Get everything you need for your very own Pillow Fight Party!

You want to have your very own Pillow Fight Party? Then check out our information regarding the licensing system “The Pillow Fight“ from Mach Dich Bunt GmbH. Then your event will be a big success!

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