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Take our Mikrokonfetti to the next Holi Festival

For some years now, Holi Festivals have been growing popular here. Especially important for this occasion – in addition to a good mood, of course – is the right colored powder. And that’s what you get with our Mikrokonfetti. After Show Your Colors / Mach Dich Bunt made it into Die Höhle der Löwen /The Lions’ Cave, we have now put together another great package for you.

The Holi Festival originated in India where it is celebrated in the Spring. Another name for the Holi is “Festival of Colors”. The festival’s original significance is rooted in Hinduism, and the religious aspect of these holidays continues to play a major role in India. A crucial element of the traditional celebration is colored water and colored powder, which people sprinkle upon one another. The Holi Fest lasts at least two days, but can sometimes extend up to ten days.

Because of the festival’s religious significance, the colors are initially consecrated at an altar. Originally, the various shades of color were produced from natural raw materials, such as herbs or flower petals.

Perfect for your next Holi Festival: Our Mach Dich Bunt  Mikrokonfetti

The formula is simple: without colors, no Holi Festival. You’ll be ideally prepared for the next “color fight” with our Mikrokonfetti Holi Powder. Our powder comes in six different intensive colors, which immediately create the right Holi mood. So just choose your favorite colors, or go ahead and buy the entire selection of colors!

And with Mach Dich Bunt /“Show Your Colors” Mikrokonfetti you can always depend on the fact that it is manufactured according to vegan standards, in Germany. We also use no artificial aromas.

Unfortunately, every Holi Fest has to end at some point. Then you’ll be glad that our powder is water-soluble and completely biodegradable. Washing it away is easy, too. Still, you should use it outdoors: a Holi Party inside your home with our Mikrokonfetti is not recommended.

Even more color with our confetti

In combination with our Holi Powder, our confetti can hold its own as well. The “Kornfetti” is also sustainably manufactured and biodegradable. In addition to its riotous bright colors, it has another advantage: it, too is water-soluble. It can be simply wiped away, or will just dissolve in the rain.

Die Höhle der Löwen /Lions‘ Cave Partypacks

Show Your Colors/Mach dich Bunt has made it into the lions’ cave! And for this occasion, we have wrapped up our Lions’ Cave/DHDL Mikrokonfetti Partypacks for you. In each one you get, among other items, a set of all the Mikrokonfetti colors, and with it a backpack in the Mach Dich Bunt /“Show Your Colors” look! You get this same package, too, with our various Kornfetti colors. And if that’s still not enough, then just get both together in the DHDL /Lions’ Cave Set!

Our big Mikrokonfetti Color Mix Package

You’re planning your very own big Holi Party? Then our Color Mix Package is the right choice for you. Get the size which is right for your party and you can be sure that the powder will not run out for you and your guests. With the large package, you also save money.

Off to the next Holi Festival, with Show Your Colors / Mach Dich Bunt 

As you can see: with us you can prepare perfectly for the next Holi Festival. And if you’re planning to give a Holi Party yourself, you will find everything you need in our shop. Show Your Colors!

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