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Halloween: We have the perfect accessories for your party outfits!

Do you already have a costume for the Halloween party? Or do plan to decide on the spur of the moment how to best scare your friends? Either way, with us you can definitely find the right materials and ingredients to make your spooky performance perfect

Halloween is actually an American tradition. In recent years, however, Halloween parties have become so established elsewhere that it’s hard to imagine late October without them – because after all, they are perfect for all of those who can’t wait for Carnival or Fasching.

Halloween, by the way, has its ancient origin in Ireland. The name evolved from “All Hallows’ Eve”, or the evening before All Saints’ Day. Irish immigrants brought the holiday across the Atlantic to America, and it has become a part of American culture.

In Germany, too, Halloween is becoming steadily more popular. In many windows, one can now see “jack-o-lanterns”, the traditional scooped-out pumpkins with faces which can be anything from funny to scary. Children in disguise go from door to door, to either receive sweets or to play a trick on the residents.

Are you getting jealous of your younger siblings, because it’s so easy for them to collect sweets around the neighborhood? Then it’s time to get started with your plans for a Halloween Party.

No Halloween Party Without Costumes

One of the most important things at your Halloween Party, of course, is your costume. And since this night is all about witches, ghosts, and every other creature of darkness, a spooky outfit is especially appropriate. But of course, you are also free to simply let your fantasy run wild, and put together a crazy or funny outfit. And with the right accessories from our shop that will be no problem.

Fake Blood: Just Right for Vampires and Others Too

You’re going to disguise yourself as a vampire, zombie, or some other creature of the night? Then of course you will need a substantial portion of blood! Our Fake Blood Gel, which has already been used in movies and on the stage, is incredibly realistic. It lets you simulate bites, wounds, and cuts just the way you imagine them. And the consistency is gruesomely convincing.

You want even more bloody details? Then you need the Fake Blood Make-Up Stick! You can use it to make your wounds and bites look even more real. The stick is available in two colors. When you mix both shades, you get simulated fresh blood, dried blood, or any other kind of blood. Sound gruesome? It looks gruesome too!

And if that’s still not enough, then check out our Fake Fake Blood Lipstick. It will give you bloody red sexy lips, which will be a perfect complement to your vampire costume.

Still more accessories for your costume

To get the right hair color quickly and easily, our UV Haarkreide /our UV Hair Chalk is the right choice. You can use it to apply the color which best fits the costume. The Hair Chalk comes in six colors. The right one for your style is sure to be included.

You can get even more color with accessories such as passende Nagellack /matching nail polish, our UV Glitzer Eyeliner /UV Glitter Eyeliner and our UV Neon Lipgloss /UV Neon Lip Gloss.

The right accessories for the Halloween Party: so that your appearance at the party is a complete success, look through the wide range of other accessories in our shop. For example, how about our Buntes Feuer / Multicolored Fire? You simply throw it into a campfire or fireplace, and for the next thirty minutes the flames change color. Blue, green and red flames are guaranteed to fascinate your guests.
With the right preparations, the Halloween Party can soon get started! Simply drop by our shop !

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