Holi Color and biodegradable confetti manufacturer
With “The Pillow Fight” we bring you one of the most colorful parties you have ever experienced. Awaiting you is not only the biggest pillow fight of your life, but also plenty of other highlights. And of course, before the party you can stock up in the Show Your Colors / Mach Dich Bunt shop with all the right accessories. You know about the Holi Festival. And perhaps you have even been to a Holi Party. We at Show Your Colors / Mach Dich Bunt can’t get enough of it. That’s why, with “The Pillow Fight”, we are starting a series of parties in which color, fun, and simply having a good time are also what it’s all about.
For some years now, Holi Festivals have been growing popular here. Especially important for this occasion – in addition to a good mood, of course – is the right colored powder. And that’s what you get with our Mikrokonfetti. After Show Your Colors / Mach Dich Bunt made it into Die Höhle der Löwen /The Lions’ Cave, we have now put together another great package for you.
Carnival, or Fasching, is not only celebrated in Cologne and Düsseldorf. No matter where you are during the “Fifth Season”: you need more than just a perfect costume. If you want your appearance to be an absolute success, you should definitely stop by and look around our shop.
Do you already have a costume for the Halloween party? Or do plan to decide on the spur of the moment how to best scare your friends? Either way, with us you can definitely find the right materials and ingredients to make your spooky performance perfect.